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We value the time of our fosters, volunteers and potential adopters. Please list all animals you are interested in adopting and we will find the best match for your home. We are unable to do meet and greets with multiple animals due to the health of animals and the limited time of our volunteers.

GFAR is pleased to announce that we are now accepting adoption applications for animals that have already been spay/neutered from our neighbouring provinces in hopes to get our animals in care adopted. All applicants must be able to make arrangements for pick up in Winnipeg, MB.

Dog Adoption Fee:

Puppy/Adults - $350

Small breed dog -$500

All adoption fees include a minimum of  1 Parvo/Distemper Vaccines, 1 Rabies (for adults only), Wellness Exam, Deworming, Spay/Neuter, Tattoo.

Services included in the adoption fee are covered when completed at our partnering vet clinic.

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