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Kristin has been a volunteer foster parent at Grateful Friends Animal Rescue for over a year now and has done wonderful work with the foster animals in her care. She is currently looking after our 8 week old puppy named Penny!


Kristin got involved with GFAR when a vet recommended the rescue to her on an occasion where her family had taken in a pregnant stray cat. At that time GFAR was a small organization just starting up and Kristin took the opportunity to get involved protecting animals in need. She also says she would recommend GFAR to people who are looking to become foster parents saying “we have had only great experiences with GFAR.”


We asked Kristin her take on why fostering is so important and what good comes from it to which she told us, “everyone that comes through our home is a life saved. Fostering has been a huge impact on our hearts and mental health, and the happy stories outweigh the sad ones.”


At Grateful Friends we are dedicated to supporting our foster families by providing resources to all members of our fostering team. Such as pet food, toys, bathroom training supplies and carriers. Fostering families also have open communication with administration staff through a members-only Facebook group. We have had many foster families compliment us on our efficient communication and this is something Kristin has pointed out as well stating


“Grateful Friends is very responsive and supportive with any questions or concerns, they respect our time and our daily lives to work around our schedules.”


If you or someone you know is interested in fostering cats and/or dogs in care who are in need of opportunities to be socialized, recover from injury or surgery, a place to stay while waiting to be adopted please fill out a foster application. Fosters are always needed! Especially now as we enter kitten/puppy season.


Kristin’s advice for prospective foster families is, “Be prepared for slow introductions to resident pets, and be patient with your foster. They can be terrified and scared, and they don't always understand that you are there to help them, not hurt them. Time and trust will be your best friend.“

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