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It is my pleasure to introduce you all to Kristin. Kristin is an invaluable member of the Grateful Friends Animal Rescue team. Not only is she our Deworming Coordinator but also a foster parent to multiple animals in our care. Kristin first heard about the rescue through the GFAR Facebook page where she quickly reached out to help.


Kristin describes herself as a “shy introvert” and shared that she chose to work with GFAR because she finds the team friendly, welcoming and not intimidating. When asked about the current needs of the rescue and how people can best help support the animal protection efforts happening in our community, Kristin’s answer was simple and insightful, “where to start . . . we need donations, of any kind, items to use in auctions, supplies, volunteers at fundraisers, monetary donations for vet exams.


"Times are hard for everyone, so if you aren't able to donate, consider fostering, GFAR will provide everything so you only need to donate your time and love. Maybe you can’t foster, consider helping spread awareness to friends and family about our fundraisers, or volunteer at them!


"At the bare minimum, get your own pets spayed or neutered, there are programs to help those who cannot afford to spay/neuter, reducing the amount of animals born outside is the best way to reduce the suffering these animals have to endure.”


Kristin is a major advocate for the “adopt don’t shop” concept and has two rescue cats of her own, 12 year old Cedric and 2 year old Sylvan. Here is what Kristin wants everyone to know about fostering, “I LOVE seeing the glow up! My first ever foster was a mom and her two-week-old babies, they were thin and unkempt, and when they left for their forever homes they were full of life, plump, shiny-coated bright-eyed healthy animals!”


If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a member of the Grateful Friends Animal Rescue team, we have a number of open volunteer positions available. GFAR is also always looking for loving foster homes. If you or someone you know has the space and passion to care for animals as they wait to find their forever home please head over to our website and apply to foster today.


“Thank you to everyone who supports us & If you've been interested in fostering, just jump in and give it a try, it's not as hard as you might think it is and GFAR will provide as much support as you need!” - Kristin

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