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Adoptable Dogs & Puppies


Adoption Fee is $450 ($600 for small dogs) (unless otherwise listed)

Includes: 3 Parvo/Distemper Vaccines, 1 Rabies Vaccine, Wellness Exam, Deworming, Spay/Neuter, Tattoo.
Services included in the adoption fee are covered when completed at our partnering Vet Clinic.




Age: 5 years

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Sex: Male

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Good with Cats: No

Good with Dogs: Does best with spayed females

Good with Children: Yes to older children


This chipper young fella is Porter. He is an Australian Shepherd and he’s smiling because he smells shrimp on the barbie. Just kidding, he's always smiling.


Porter has one of the most gorgeous coats we’ve ever seen at GFAR. Porter is high energy and loves to explore new things. He is playful, funny and full of life. Porter’s favourite thing to do is go on his daily walk. We know that Porter would love to find a home with an owner who could take him to dog classes or agility training.


As Australian Shepherds are working dogs, they are very passionate and driven to please. It’s important that that passion and energy is directed in a positive manner and Porter is still trying to find his direction. With a bit of patience and love we know that Porter will soon be Top of the Class.


If you are interested in working with our sweet boy Porter, you can fill out an application to adopt him today!

Only selected applicants will be contacted




Age: 1 Year

Breed: Mix Breed

Sex: Male

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Good with Cats: No

Good with Dogs: Yes with a slow intro

Good with Children: Yes


Meet Griffen. This boy is tenacious, loving and has a zest for life. When Griffen was found he had been left half alive due to an attack from another dog. His recovery has been a long one however, throughout he has made the most of the indoor pet life.


He’s discovered that he loves tennis balls and toys, which he will play with for hours. He is eager to be everybody’s friend and loves people. He even has two larger dogs in his current foster home who have become his companions.


It did take about two weeks for Griffen to warm up to the dogs and he can still show timid behaviour around new dogs, but really can you blame him. Griffen is destined for a home with a family who have lots of time, love and commitment to give to him.


Our Griffen is a little warrior and it’s finally his turn to spread his wings. If you are looking for a good-natured, happy, friendly good boy, look no further because Griffen is the one.

Only selected applicants will be contacted

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